Forum Rules and Woodbox Information!

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Forum Rules and Woodbox Information!

Post by Hawk Richards on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:25 am

Welcome to the forum users! WoodBox Entertainment is a Entertainments group, We create Music, Games, and Movies. We welcome new guests in the applicants corner, so be sure to apply! We have a basic code of conduct for our site, only a few golden rules. It is respected that you abide by these rules, so please abid by them, or leave.

> Respect others in general, we will not tolerate the harming of other people's emotions

> The use of any profane images is forbidden.

> Do not post on other's applications.

> Account creation is only for accepted applicants. (This is to pervent spamming of accounts that shouldn't exist)

>Before making a topic, be sure there is not already a same topic

>Simply just use use common sense! Very Happy
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